Thoughts On Quality

Midwest Hose & Specialty takes a tremendous amount of pride in providing you and your business with the best hose and fitting equipment and technology that our industry has to offer. We would quickly like to share some philosophies on our product designs.

The Right Combination

To find the right fit you have to have the right assembly. This is Midwest Hose's specialty. We understand that no one component tells the entire story in relation to quality assurance. You need to have the right hose, stem and ferrule design then test to match what our engineers have calculated. You will not find an organization that more rigorously tests their products than Midwest Hose & Specialty.

We have learned more than the average competitor in terms of assembly management and design, and we have gained this experience by being an industry leader in hydraulic, industrial, and rotary assemblies for more than 30 years.

  • An assembly depends on more than one part and we review every piece with rigorous detail.
  • Smooth ferrule designs do not hold vibrations well. There is a good example of this in the videos below. You will notice that our products have these serations and how well they hold up.
  • The hose should always fail before the connection.

We also have some videos to demonstrate our tests:

IH13-002 Industrial Hose Test Results

Test Date 9/27/2013
Type of Test Rupture
Overall Length of Assembly 7.5'
End Fitting Description (A) 4" 206 Female with NF64-5126 Ferrule
End Fitting Description (B) 4" 206 Male with NF64-5126 Ferrule
Hose Working Pressure 400 PSI
Test Pressure 600 PSI
Hold Time 5 Minutes
Rupture Pressure 1270 PSI

IH13-004 Industrial Hose Test Reults

Test Date 10/01/2013
Type of Test Pull Test
Overall Length of Assembly 4'8"
Hose Type 4" Frac Arc
End Fitting Description (A) 4" 206 Female with NF64-5126 Ferrule
End Fitting Description (B) 4" 206 Male with NF64-5126 Ferrule
Hose Working Pressure 400 PSI
Pull Force Lbs 18,535 lbs

Midwest Hose Integrated Figure 206 and NF Ferrule Design Details

Important Design Facts:

  • 8 serrations on the stem that are spaced to work with the knerling spacing on the inside of the Midwest Hose ferrule design.
  • Midwest Hose stems have an interlocking design that is wider than competitor's designs. This design makes criming more user friendly and allows consistent build quality.
  • Midwest Hose Ferrules have knerlings that help hose assemblies handle vibrations better than smooth/slick ferrule designs, which only locks by compression. The knerlings provide an extra bite into the hose for safer more secure connections.

We also offer a light duty compression ferrule (our LD style) for customers that know this application will work for them. These ferrules have a long history of excellent operation in many different applications. Our belief is to have the strongest connection possible and that means using ferrules that have knerlings to ensure the strongest connection possible.

Our Experiences

We watch trends in various applications very closely. The three major types we observe are Hydraulic, Rotary, and Industrial. More applications are requiring or moving to the use of bite type connections. This means the use of ferrules with knerlings on the inside. We still observe legacy use of compression style hose assemblies but they have been moving to the bite style ferrule design for years. Our customers feel that the extra security of the connection is worth it from a safety standpoint. Midwest Hose is a leader in bite style connections and can build assemblies using this technology for whatever application you require.

Let our 30+ years of experience and industry knowledge help your organization by fitting you with the right parts for the right job at the right price. Contact us today to begin your relationship with Midwest Hose & Specialty