Layflat Hose

5 Reasons You Should Switch

  • EASE OF USE 8 connections per mile vs 176 with aluminum pipe
  • RAPID DEPOLYMENT AND RETRIEVAL 1 mile can be deployed in 10-15 minutes
  • LEAK PROOF DESIGN proven coupling systems, flexes to terrain changes
  • DEPENDABLE smooth inside for consistent water flow
  • DURABLE cover optimal for flexibility and abrasion/puncture resistance

Why Midwest Hose?

  • Local presence near field locations
  • Custom laylines and custom hose colors available
  • EXPERT coupling/crimping, testing, and service
  • We test ALL layflat assemblies ourselves in the USA

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We now offer lay flat hose for high volume water transfers for frac or pit to pit transfers. This product allows for quick layout and retrieval along with more flexibility and economy for your needs. With the ability to layout and retrieve up to 1 mile in 30 minutes, you have the option to “change on the fly” by decreasing layout and retrieval times almost as much as 90%.

The leak proof and chemical resistance of this product will allow you to transfer produced and other chemical-laden water that was previously impossible due to system leaks inherent in aluminum irrigation pipe systems. With 2 to 3 times the working pressure of aluminum pipe, this product allows for higher transfer rates over longer distances. There are fewer chances for failure using high quality couplings that require only 8 connections per mile compared to 176 connections per mile for aluminum irrigation pipe.

Layflat Hose - Testing Process